Yushi Jing  ( Kevin Jing )

(new) I re-joined Google April, 2017.

I am the head of visual discovery team at Pinterest, after my startup VisualGraph was acquired.  Prior to that I worked as a SWE/scientist at Google in 2004, and then 2006-13.  I received my B.S., M.S, and Ph.D. from Georgia Tech under the supervision of Prof. James Rehg and Dr. Michele Covell.  I studied stats (M.S.) and MS&E at Stanford and spent a few months at Aizawa/Yamasaki Lab as a visiting scientist.

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Introducing the future of visual discovery at Pinterest, Pinterest blog, 2017

Introducing automatic object detection to visual search, Pinterest blog, 2016.

Our crazy-fun new visual search tool, Pinterest blog, 2015

Building a scalable machine vision pipeline, Pinterest blog, 2015

Pinterest acquires Image Recognition and Visual Search Startup VisualGraph,  Techcrunch, 2014

Explore Images with Google Image Swirl, Google Blog, 2009

Building software tools to find child victims
, Google Blog, 2008

VisualRank for product image search, Google Research Blog, 2008

Safe Image Search, Google, 2005

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