Yushi Jing  ( Kevin Jing )

I studied under Prof. James Rehg at Georgia Tech.  Joining Google Research as a SWE in 2006, I worked with Michele Covell, Henry Rowley, Jingbin Wang, Chuck Rosenberg and Shumeet Baluja on building visual-search systems, and briefly collaborated with Prof. Aizawa on sketch-based interfaces. In 2012-3, one of my interns Meng Wang successfully started Orbeus (acquired by Amazon), while another intern David Tsai co-founded VisualGraph with me (acquired by Pinterest).  After the acquisition, we formed visual-discovery team working with Prof. Trevor Darrel and venture-capitalist Sarah Tavel to launch Pinterest Flashlight and related Pins, with +40% of the engagement share on Pinterest.  It was one of the most intense & cherished four years of my life. Founding team (photo) members Dmitry Kislyuk, Andrew Zhai, David Liu, Jia-jing Xu went on to manage related Pins, Pinterest Lens, ML-infra, and ads-ranking; Jeff Donahue later joined DeepMind.  I returned to Google as a SWE in '17 working on retail (Cloud) & product-listing-ads (Ads) related projects.



photograph courtesy of Evan Sharp