Yushi Jing  ( Kevin Jing )

Making new friends at Google shopping & cloud.

  Head of visual & related recommendation, Pinterest
  Founder, VisualGraph (acquired by Pinterest)
  Research scientist, Google Research ('10-13)
  Software Engineer, Google Image Search / Research ('06-10)
  Intern, Google Research ('04)
  B.S., Ph.D., Georgia Tech
  MSE/Stats, Stanford.

   (new) Training and evaluating multimodal word embeddings, NIPS, 2017
   (new) Visual discovery at Pinterest, WWW industry track, 2017

I am indebted to:
   Prof. James Rehg,  my ph.d. advisor
   Dr. Michele. Covell,  ph.d. co-advisor, mentor at Google
   Dr. Henry. Rowley, Dr. Shumeet Baluja, my mentors at Google.
   Dr. Hui Xu, my manager at Pinterest
   Sarah Tavel, partner at Benchmark.
   Prof. Trevor Darrel,  advisor to my team at Pinterest
   My team at VisualGraph & Pinterest