Yushi Jing  ( Kevin Jing )

Joining Google Research as an intern in 2004, then a full-time SWE in 2006, I worked with on building visual-search systems and interfaces. In 2012-3, one of my intern successfully started Orbeus (acquired by Amazon), while another co-founded VisualGraph with me (acquired by Pinterest).  After the acquisition, we built visual-discovery team and launched Flashlight and Related Pins 2.0 with 15 engineers, generating +40% of the site engagement share.  Founding team (photo) members went on to manage Related Pins team, Lens team, ML-infra team, and Related-ads team;  I returned to Google to work on Product-listing-ads & Cloud Retail related projects.
Received b.s. m.s. and ph.d. in computer science from Georgia Tech, studied (but never completed) my M.S. degree in statistics/MSE at Stanford. Proud father of a 3-year old who eats his vegetables.


  Prof. James Rehg,  Prof. at Georgia Tech
  Prof. Trevor Darrel,  Prof. at Berkeley, Advisor to Pinterest
  Dr. Michele. Covell, Sr. Staff Scientist at Google
  Sarah Tavel, my partner-in-crime at Pinterest, Partner at Benchmark
  Dr. Henry. Rowley, Staff Scientist at Google.
  Dr. Hui Xu, my manager at Pinterest, SVP at Coupang.
  Prof. Aizawa Kiyoharu, Prof. at Tokyo University.
  My team: David Tsai, Michael Feng, David Liu, Jia-jing Xu, Andrew Zhai, Dmitry Kislyuk, Jeff Donahue

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